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Beverages for exercising

The best to drink during exercising:

Many people ask themselves which is the best beverage to drink during exercising. In this article we will review 2 energy drinks that you may not heard from but that are really the best in the market.

Drink prime:

Drink prime is a collaboration between rivals that became business partners (Logan Paul and KSI) They said that their goal is to create a new drink that can fuel any kind of lifestyle.

They have been working during the last year to create a new energy drink that will be able to compete with the biggest companies such as Red Bull or Monster Energy.

The company was developed to help all the people that want to train to have more energy. Logan Paul says that Prime is the perfect boost for any endeavor.

Their product portfolio has 5 different drinks: Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, Grape and Orange. From mydromedary we highlight the Orange one because it is fresh, and you will get energy to train easily.

The price of all their products is 29.99$ for a 12pack. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, all the products are sold out.

Gorilla Energy Drink:

Gorilla Energy Drink is a Russian based company that sells energetic drinks all over the world. This company wants to sell their products to people who is thrilled and looking for new sensations. It is specifically created for young people that is seeking new experiences and do not care about what other people think.

Their product portfolio has 5 different drinks: Mango-Coconut, Lychee, Mint, Original and finally Orange.

We highlight the Original one because it is the first one that they sold and it is the best seller. It is charged with merciless energy, it gives you instant energy that will let you train for hours.

Here you have the link to buy the bottles to drink your favourite energy drink: https://mydromedary.com/our-products

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