En este momento estás viendo Drink Prime lands to the UK

Drink Prime lands to the UK

In the last post in our blog, I spoke about two new energy drink brands that you may not know about: Drink Prime and Gorilla Energy Drink. On today’s post we will talk about Drink Prime.

This week KSI and Logan Paul (the owners of Drink Prime), announced that Drink Prime was going to be available in the UK starting from Wednesday 11th. To celebrate that, they launched a new flavour: ICE POP. This new flavour is perfect for the upcoming season, Summer. Because it is cold, it will refresh you when you are doing sport in the gym.

The colours of this bottle are red, white, and blue. The perfect colours that represent the summer while you want to be refreshed.

The price of this bottle will be 29.99$ for a 12 pack. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post, this bottle is sold out. Because of everybody wanting to buy this new flavour, it sold out in hours so if you want to buy a 12 pack of this brand new flavour you won’t be able.

On the other hand, now you are able to buy any of the other 5 flavours available to purchase:  Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, Grape and Orange. As we told you in our last post our favourite flavour is the Orange one. Because it was the first flavour to be released, so we think that if you want to experience the real Drink Prime experience while practicing sport, we encourage you to buy the Orange flavour of Drink Prime.

If you want to buy a bottle that never breaks and is perfect for you to bring with in the gym you can click the link down bellow and see our brilliant product portfolio and get fuelled up when you are exercising in the gym.


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