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How to get the most of your workout

Would you like to ask: “How to get the most of your workout” to training specialists? There’s no need for that. We have collected some highly recommended exercise tips for you.

Don’t just do cardio, lift weights

By just doing cardio, you are sabotaging yourself, as your metabolism will go down, making weight loss difficult. Instead, to make the most of your workout, you have to train your resistance, building muscle in order to increase your metabolic rate. A Public Health study showed that between 10.500 adults, there was less abdominal fat gain between those who did 20 minutes a day of weight training, compared to those who spent that time doing cardio.

Try a dynamic warmup

Warming up with light leg extensions and squats allows people to squat with more weight during their workout than those who use traditional «bend and hold» stretches. They have a more stable lower body. «Imagine a rubber band. It won’t go as far if you stretch it out a lot and then pull it back to shoot it. Your muscles and tendons are similarly affected.» Dynamic bodyweight routines, on the other hand—those that imitate the workout you’re about to do—increase blood flow and improve range of motion without compromising the elastic characteristics of your muscles and tendons. Do 5 to 10 minutes of lunges, knee lifts, and leg swings before hitting the treadmill if you’re going for a run.

Take breaks

High-intensity intervals—periods of all-out effort alternated with short, low-intensity «breaks»—produce greater cardiovascular and fat-loss effects per minute than any other workout. People who did a 20-minute interval workout with movements like pushups, burpees, squats, and lunges, for example, burnt an average of 15 calories each minute, roughly twice as many as those who ran lengthy distances. Follow the workout’s instructions to burn equivalent calories: For a total of four minutes, perform as many reps as possible for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat for a total of four rounds after a one-minute rest.

free weights

Switch to free weights

Weight machines are wonderful for teaching proper form to gym beginners, but after you’ve mastered it, it’s time to move on to free weights. According to a study, free weight workouts such as dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells produce stronger hormonal reactions than identical activities conducted on exercise machines. This is due to the fact that free-weight exercises engage a larger number of muscles. «Whenever you have to move a free weight without the assistance of a machine, all of your synergistic muscles must fire to assist you.»

Diversify your routine

It doesn’t just save you from boredom. In one study, lifters with both deep and full squats had the most of your workout than lifters with only deep squats. The same applies to all exercise variants. Performing multiple variations of the exercise changes the amount of muscle that is mobilized and the amount of weight that can be lifted, resulting in greater gain than if you performed the exact same  movement each month. You can combine multiple variations of the same exercise into one workout (such as a board or a board with one leg raised), but changing these variations each month will  keep you guessing.

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