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The Plastic Island

Did you know that between California and Hawaii, lying in the middle of Pacific Ocean there is a new continent known as the Plastic Island that contains more that 1.8 billion of floating plastic pieces of garbage.

It is the biggest ocean waste repository. Measures 3 times the size of France. The first to raise the alarm, was the well-known captain and oceanographer Charles Moore, that in 1997 encountered a sea of plastic that took him 7 days to cross. Twenty years later, this Plastic Island has continued his growing containing 80000 tones of plastic (2018).

This Plastic Island has been generated due to floating plastic garbage that reached the North Pacific Gyre, a circular sea water highway that clumped together tones of plastics and made a whole piece of millions of plastics. Scientific community points Asia and the fishing industry as the biggest contributors of plastic waste. A study from Nature, secures those two thirds of the rubbish contain Japanese or Chinese text from 1977 to nowadays.

In this eighth continent, there are plastics from Japan, Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Italy, China, Korea and Venezuela, dating from 1977. It affects more than 700 marine species (some suffocate or drown, and some others get intoxicated by toxic substances). Most of the objects are microplastics (94%), but there are also mesoplastics, macroplastics and megaplastics. To see the infographic, click HERE.

The consequences of this massive plastic waste repository are the worst for the marine animal kingdom, from the birds to the whales. Many animals die trapped between plastic objects, intoxicated, suffocated, or drown. Those consequences

are deadly not only for the marine species, but humans could also be affected, beginning from the beaches covered by plastic and ending with intoxications generated from microplastics inside of aliments

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